Pamela Burke

Inspirational speaker - Changing minds and changing attitudes

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Pamela's presentation to the college students in attendance was perfect in tone, topic, stories, engagement and time. She exudes positive energy and kept the students attention not only by her charismatic way of presenting, but because she asked questions they could answer, listened carefully, responded directly, and then used the exchange later on in the talk. Pamela rocked it for CSE students!
Teri Corso
Director, Experiential Learning Center / College of Saint Elizabeth
Pam’s value as a motivational speaker is that she speaks from sheer conviction and from a sincere desire to help. By rising from the depth of hopelessness to her present level of confidence, she has touched everyone who has experienced confusion and doubt in finding their purpose in life. Her message has taught me that one’s circumstances must never serve as an excuse not to pursue a brighter future.
Jacques Fluery
Pam has changed my life. Her speeches have inspired me to make the most of every opportunity, large or small. She speaks from the heart, taking her personal experience and transforming it into a message that is extremely relatable. Pam has one of the strongest work ethics I've seen; combined with her thirst for excellence, you can count on her to bring her A-game to everything she does
Narani Srivastava
Director & Actuary
Pam speaks from her heart. So, when you hear Pam speak you will hear conviction and enthusiasm in her voice, and her words will be imbued with warmth and laughter. I have had the good fortune to listen to Pam speak to my colleagues at our place of employment and to students at a local college. On each occasion, I glanced through the audience and noticed that others appeared to feel as uplifted and energized as I was by Pam's words. Pam possesses one of those rare gifts that enables her to reach a group through the energy she emanates and to craft her words so that people not only hear, but also feel, her message.
Lorraine Olsen
Pamela brings so much positive energy to the room. She is very warm and welcoming and you can trust her to help you out. I strongly recommend Pamela as a leader who evokes trust, someone who gives you confidence by just her presence, and someone who can lift you up from your current level and help you go to next level, by her speech and her conduct.
Arif Ansari
Technology Consultant
Pam is remarkable -- on her toes, on her game, and on point. It is refreshing to find a speaker who is so authentic, speaks from the heart, and grabs the hearts of others. Such an inspiration!
Christine Birnbaum
iPEC Coach